Gaines Express is a flatbed trucking company that provides services built to fit customers specific needs.  We know that the main goal of any transportation business is to keep moving your products so that your business keeps on moving as well.

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Our Vision.

Company Profile.

Gaines Express’ main objective is to always provide the easiest means of transportation for our customers.  In order to ensure your freight reaches its destination in time, the Gaines Express team knows that communication is key.  From customer service to dispatch to drivers, each employee keeps in constant contact with their team members so that we are always on top of any and all situations. 

Since starting in 2011, we have steadily grown in size and continue to purchase around 10-15 new trucks each year.

At this rate, we are able to take on new customers as well as dedicate more freight to our already established customer base.


Our vision for Gaines Express is to not only become a recognized player in the flatbed industry, but one of the best.  With that in mind, our team strives to only take on what we can guarantee to handle.  We don’t like the idea of over promising because our values are rooted in customer satisfaction over everything else.  This philosophy is why Gaines Express has quickly become successful. 

With a family history in trucking, Corey Gaines built Gaines Express on the notion that he wanted to pursue a new side of the trucking industry.  Forest Gaines (grandfather to Corey) started a van trucking company in 1947.  In a matter of years, Forest cultivated a successful business that illuminated infinite knowledge and insight into the world of transportation.  Having grown up around and working in all aspects of a trucking business since the age of 14, Corey knew immediately after graduating college in 2010 that he wanted to make his mark in the transportation industry as well. 


Corey saw an opportunity with a potential customer that was looking for flatbed specific trucking options and the wheels starting rolling.  He quickly set up the company in 2011, purchased two trucks and Gaines Express was born.  Since its creation, Gaines Express is now operating with 45 flatbed trucks and a realistic goal of adding 10+ trucks every year.  The aim is to reach 100 trucks so that we can competitively keep up with customer demands while also maintaining a manageable level of individual service.